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VPN Shield Review

Updated_time:November 20,2018 Written by:TopVPN100  

On a daily basis, an increasing number of internet users are opting to safeguard their digital activities with the help of virtual private network services. For individuals who are first gaining exposure to these tools, it is essential to identify a service that is both safe and easy to use, which does not need a high level of technical skills. Basically, this is what VPN Shield seeks to provide to its consumers, in addition to the fact that it is a lucrative option for people who are seeking an inexpensive service provider. VPN shield’s discounted prices and valuable features are attractive to any individual out to find a bargain. It is imperative to note that this virtual private network service was launched in the year 2012 by an organization referred to a Defendemus. Defendemus is highly proficient in the development of security frameworks, which lends credence to the belief that this product represents the best VPN service in its category.  VPN Shield is based in Poland, and it is considered the best solution for non-geeks. I intend to shed more light on this service in this VPN Shield review.


Privacy and Security

From my experience with VPN Shield, I noticed that the company purports to offer the best encryption technologies for every operating system. In fact, some clients have termed VPN Shield as the best VPN service for iPad. Although VPN Shield’s website does not outline specific information regarding the protocols it supports, I noticed that OpenVPN is not one of the options available. From a personal perspective, the absence of an OpenVPN protocol is disheartening because this type of encryption is renowned for providing the strongest degree of protection. This point explains why the best VPN services use an OpenVPN protocol, in addition to the fact that it is the first option for clients who prefer the utmost level of safety. VPN Shield supports PPTP, L2Tp, and IKEv2 connections instead. Although IKEv2 and L2Tp are excellent alternatives when it comes to the issue of safety, their robustness cannot be compared to providers that use an OpenVPN. On the other hand, PPTP is a weak alternative and should only be used as the last option. 


In my VPN Shield review, I also examined the service's privacy guidelines. VPN Shield's privacy policy is interesting, to say the least. The company indicates that it does not store the logs of users' digital traffic. However, the policy goes further to state that the company is entitled to investigate a user's activities in instances where they feel that that the terms of service are being violated. Furthermore, it is imperative to note that VPN Shield keeps some connection details such as the servers a user accessed, the time they connected to them, as well as the volume of data transferred. Despite the fact that this technical information is collected for the purpose of service improvements, users who prefer a thorough protection of their privacy may be worried about this issue. The reservations about this practice are heightened by the fact that VPN Shield does not make it clear regarding how long this data is maintained after it has been collected. The only positive attribute regarding VPN Shield's privacy policy that can validate its claim to being the best VPN for iPad is the fact that the company is based in Poland. This point implies that chances of the National Security Agency or the GCHQ spying on your online activities are minimal.



VPN Shield possesses software that is customized for the most popular operating systems. Basically, you can obtain and install packages for both Windows and Mac, as well as cell phone applications for both iOS and Android.  From here, you can see why the company prides itself as the best VPN service. Another thing I noticed about VPN shield is the fact that it gives information to users that can allow them to install the service manually and deal with challenges that arise on each platform. For one to subscribe to any of Shield VPN’s packages, all that is needed is your e-mail address and a password. As such, once VPN Shield is installed on your gadget, it will automatically create a link to a virtual private network whenever it detects that you are browsing on a connection that may not be safe. The implication of this aspect is the fact that your data will be protected when you are using a public wireless connection. Another aspect that I need to highlight in this VPN Shield review is the fact that its user interface is simplified to make it ideal for new users.

Although the simplicity of the client implies that you will not have to struggle to use VPN Shield, the absence of advanced qualities presents an issue for users who may be inclined towards having greater control over their VPN experience. Essentially, VPN Shield is fairly basic, although it allows users to access different servers at enhanced speeds inspired by the absence of bandwidth controls. Furthermore, it employs technology that compresses the traffic between the servers and your gadgets. This capability represents an actionable solution especially when you are using mobile data. In fact, it is this capability that informs the belief that this service is the best VPN for iPad. 

In terms of servers, it is imperative to note that VPN Shield hosts its services in Canada, Sweden, Hong Kong, the UK, and Japan among other countries. Furthermore, VPN Shield allows users to connect up to five gadgets concurrently making it one of the best VPN services available in the market. The last feature associated with VPN Shield is its non-compatibility with BitTorrent.



My VPN Shield review cannot be complete without mentioning the subscription plans available to clients. As mentioned earlier, reduced prices are one of the reasons why this service is considered the best VPN for iPad. However, another core attribute of this service is connected to the element that they offer flexibility in relation to the terms of the duration of the plan you buy. This is great news for those users who are not interested in committing to a long-term subscription package. A weekly subscription goes for 1.99 US dollars, whereas the monthly and three-month plans require 4.99 and 9.99 US dollars respectively. When taking a three-month plan, it means that the monthly surcharge is 3.33 US dollars, which allows you to save some money in comparison to taking a single month plan. If you want to use Shield VPN over a longer period, the annual cost of the service is 29.99 US dollars, which implies that the monthly expenses stand at 2.50 US dollars. In fact, VPN Shield even has a three-year subscription package that sees users pay as low as 1.94 US dollars every month. Essentially, the longer your subscription plan, the more savings you make when using VPN Shield. Apart from the payable plans, new users are given a 24-hour free trial to get a hands-on experience with the service.


Speed Test

To determine the impact of this service on connection speeds, I used an Apple iPad for this VPN Shield review. The broadband connection I used for this test was the 20 Mb per second on a UK server. For comparison purposes, I also accessed the Netherlands server. The outcome of the speed test revealed that the Netherlands server attained a download rate of 14.7 MBs per second whereas the UK one stood at 9.5 MBs per second. Overall, I found the speeds to be somehow inconsistent, and this finding was reinforced by further examinations on different servers. On the other hand, the evaluations for DNS leaks returned positive results because I did not experience any issues. For this reason, in terms of speed, this service cannot be termed as the best VPN for iPad.


Customer Service

To be considered the best VPN service, any company in this line of business has to invest significantly in how it deals with customer queries and issues while using their offerings. In the case of VPN Shield, the customer support strategy entails the presence of a Frequently Asked Questions section that offers guides to customers regarding how they can use the service on different operating systems. However, the website provides an option where you can reach out to the company’s customer support team in case you cannot locate the information you are looking for on the FAQ section. From my experience, VPN Shield client support members respond to queries promptly compared to other providers in the market. Furthermore, they are available round-the-clock. In this context, this VPN Shield review classifies this service as the best VPN for iPad.


Closing Statement

From this VPN Shield review, it is evident that this service is inexpensive. Additionally, apart from abnormally varying performance outcomes, it works really well. For straightforward geo-spoofing, avoiding domestic censorship, and safeguarding your information while utilizing public wireless connection hotspots, VPN Shield is valuable. However, the limited information regarding the parent company as well as how they handle your personal information means that any user who is concerned about privacy should look for alternative virtual private network providers.

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