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Unblock VPN Review

Updated_time:November 20,2018 Written by:TopVPN100  

If you are considering whether you need to be concerned about your safety when browsing the internet, then the answer is an absolute ‘yes.' With several hackers, spying agencies, and cybercriminals lurking online, your personal data is under constant risk of getting breached whenever you use the internet. Essentially, your passwords, as well as browser cookies, can be easily accessed by spies. However, adopting measures to protect your personal information online is not a complicated task. Instead, all you need is to procure the services of a virtual private network provider. One of the most common and dependable service providers in this category is referred to as Unblock VPN. This product opens a virtual private network client when you connect to it on your personal computer. All that is required is the entry of your account password and this service begins to trade trusted encryption with your computer. The outcome of this exchange is the safety of your data and protection from eavesdropping. The USPs of this top VPN service includes unlimited access to all websites, authentic public Internet Protocol addresses, unrestricted information security,  affordable packages, multiples host locations, efficient client support, as well as multiple device compatibilities.


Packages and Payment Plans

In this Unblock VPN review, I begin by outline the various subscription plans available for clients. Firstly, this top VPN service allows users to experience a three-day free trial so that they examine the product and determine its suitability to their security needs. However, I noticed that the connection is limited and the company offers you a flexible Internet Protocol address. The core attributes of the free trial packages include unrestricted access to the servers, total traffic encryption, and privacy, as well as the provision of standard keys and customer support.

The second subscription package offered by this top VPN service is referred to as Dynamic IP plan. Users are expected to pay a monthly subscription fee of 4.99 US dollars although it is recommendable to get an annual plan that retails for 49 US dollars because it allows you to save some money off the monthly payments.  

The Dedicated IP Address plan represents the third subscription package I will outline in this Unblock VPN review. From my hands-on experience with this product, I can authoritatively state that this plan represents the best service plan offered by this company. For a monthly subscription, the cost is 9.99 US dollars. However, if you are a money-savvy individual, you can buy an annual plan whose cost is 99 US dollars. It is imperative to note that both the Dynamic and Dedicated IP address plans have almost similar qualities such as benchmark encryption keys, unrestricted switching of servers, 100 percent information protection, privacy safeguards, as well as a three-day money-back guarantee option. Nonetheless, the dedicated IP plan gives you a personalized public static Internet Protocol address and remote accessibility, whereas the dynamic IP provides a flexible, actual public IP address.


Location of Servers

Like any other top VPN service, Unblock VPN has its servers in eight different host nations. The countries include the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Israel, as well as Slovakia among others. One thing I discovered about Unblock VPN is the fact that it can also be used in China, which is renowned as one of the nations that practice heavy censorship of internet use. 

Service Functions

As expected, Unblock VPN has a variety of capabilities that its customers can enjoy. The first utility of this service is the ability to access all websites. Basically, with the help of this top VPN service, you can bypass censorships as well as port blocking measures in your location. These aspects make it the best VPN for Firefox. This point implies that you can browse different websites from any location on your personal computer irrespective of whether these sites are blocked in your country of origin or not.  For this reason, no one will restrict you from connecting to YouTube, Skype, VoIP services, as well as social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter when you are using this top VPN service.

Another function of this service that I identified for this Unblock VPN review is the fact that this product guarantees users cutting-edge data protection. This capability is enhanced by the fact that Unblock VPN has a robust encryption service such that users do not have to worry about accessing the internet from shared wireless connections in places such as restaurants, coffee outlets, airport lounges, or movie theaters.

Thirdly, this service is considered the best VPN for Firefox because it gives clients an actual public IP address. The service makes this action possible by allowing users to get their own public IP address at any point where they access the internet. The value of this function is that it allows you to use different servers in different countries at your convenience without being restricted whatsoever. 

Unblock VPN also make it easy for users to make VoIP calls from any location around the globe at affordable rates. Irrespective of the strength of your web connection, this top VPN service is valuable in unblocking VoIP calls meaning that, once you have bought your preferred subscription package, concerns regarding VoIP call limitations become a thing of the past. This provider even unblocks Skype irrespective of your location.

In this Unblock VPN review, it is imperative to highlight the fact that this service guarantees its clients high-speed VPN connections. This aspect is an outcome of the element that Unblock VPN has no bandwidth restrictions. Instead, it accords you the liberty to select the best server from its different locations to access the web. The notion that this service is the best VPN for Firefox is further reinforced by this capability. 

Lastly, Unblock VPN gives you a personalized static IP address that even some internet service providers cannot offer you. Once you have the dedicated static IP address, you can connect to it at any location across the globe. This internet protocol address doubles up as your private code. For this reason, you will never be worried about a firewall or NAT anymore. This point reinforces the belief that Unblock virtual private network provider is a top VPN service.


Security and Privacy

In my examination of this service to provide this Unblock VPN review, I established the fact that this product uses all the benchmark VPN encryptions such as OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP to ascertain that all your information and activities online are fully secure. One of the aspects that makes it the best VPN for Firefox in relation to security and privacy is the fact that you can shift from one encryption protocol to the next if one of them does not work well with a given internet connection.  Nonetheless, OpenVPN and SSTP are operational in any location because they are offered through the TCP port 443.


Support Service

When it comes to dealing with user issues, Unblock VPN allows users to reach out to their customer service team at their convenience. This aspect is made possible because they have a dedicated team that is available to respond to your queries 24/7. The company’s website also has a dedicated Frequently Asked Question page that addresses all the common issues that clients are likely to encounter during their hands-on experience with this top VPN service. Alternatively, Unblock VPN allows you to fill a contact form on the website that gives you the opportunity to receive responses to your questions. The answers to the queries delivered using the contact form are often returned within a few hours. Lastly, you can also take advantage of the live chat support framework, which allows you to contact members of the customer care staff directly.  From a customer support service perspective, Unblock VPN is one of the top VPN services available to users. 



According to my Unblock VPN review, this service does not maintain user logs after a browsing session. Nonetheless, a further scrutiny of its privacy policy revealed that the company keeps some data such as the time, date, and location of a person's connections. The other user data stored by the service include the duration of the VPN connection, its bandwidth as well as the original and dedicated Internet Protocol addresses of the clients. The aim of keeping this information is to improve user experiences.


Torrenting and Streaming

For this Unblock VPN review, I examined its compatibility with P2P connections that facilitate torrent downloads. The outcome of my analysis was the discovery that this service does not support P2P connections.  For this reason, Unblock VPN cannot be used for torrenting purposes. However, when it comes to streaming, this service is compatible with platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.


Final Verdict

My Unblock VPN review determines that this company has what it takes to provide top VPN services in the near future. Therefore, I strongly recommend it to new users who are seeking to safeguard both their personal information and activities online because it is the best VPN for Firefox available in the current market.

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