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Tunnelr VPN Review

Updated_time:November 20,2018 Written by:TopVPN100  

Tunnelr is a VPN service provider that has headquarters in the US. This company is run by an entity referred to as Cloudsy.com. However, it is important to note that this organization clouds its identity in secrecy making it challenging to discover any information regarding its operations. Basically, the profile of the owners of Tunnelr is one of the issues connected with this service that is difficult to establish for individuals who are not keen when they visit its website. Another aspect about Tunnelr that is kept private is the prices of the packages available for clients. 


Pricing and Subscription Packages

This service has a single subscription plan that is extended to customers in three different times. However, the cost of this virtual private network is cheaper on a monthly basis when one purchases a long-term plan. However, Tunnelr requires the buyer to pay from the entire subscription duration pronto. However, Tunnelr gives customers a free-trial version before a subscription is made. The notable aspect regarding this subscription is the fact that it lasts for only two-and-half hours. One of the terms that must be made before buying a Tunnelr package is the fact that you must sign up for the free trial first. 

Payments for the purchase of a Tunnelr plan are done by a third-party entity. The subsidiary in question is known as stripe.com. This scenario implies that Tunnelr does not conserve the personal information of its clients in its computers. On its part, stripe.com takes payments through either credit cards or PayPal. Although Tunnelr adverts indicate that clients can use BitCoin to procure its services, I found out that this option is inactive after an actual subscription. Once you buy a Tunnelr subscription, you are allowed access to five simultaneous connections. Nonetheless, account-sharing is prohibited on this platform.



Being one of the best VPN services, Tunnelr boasts of a couple of key attributes. They include a free-trial package that lasts for 150 minutes, allowance of five concurrent connections, a privacy policy that excludes logging information, as well as the acceptance of credit cards and PayPal as modes of payment. Tunnelr also permits P2P connections, in addition to being compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems. In fact, Tunnelr is considered the best VPN for Windows10. Tunnelr uses OpenVPN, L2TP, SSH, Tunnel, and PPTP encryption protocols in addition to the fact that it can be run on either routers or set-top boxes.

In terms of the locations of its servers, Tunnelr VPN hosts its services in five nations. In the US alone, the company has six host locations, which include Atlanta, Dallas, Newark, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. On the other hand, in the UK Tunnelr runs two server locations. However, the exclusion of areas such a Canada, France, and Japan is astonishing when it comes to Tunnelr’s server coverage.



Tunnelr VPN is considered the best VPN service because it is the globe’s leading OpenSSH provider. Nonetheless, it is imperative to note that the SSH command is not as safe as the SSL. Furthermore, the technique used in applying this structure through Tunnelr VPN is not straightforward, in addition to the fact that it does not offer an easily usable customer interface. For this reason, it is better to utilize an OpenVPN when using Tunnelr. This point builds on the knowledge that OpenVPN utilizes OpenSSL for its safety functions. The value of an SSL protocol is connected to the fact that it operates at a lower level compared to SSH. For this reason, SSL makes it difficult for hackers to bypass it. Basically, it reduces the number of service levels that can be nicked between the connection card and the security application. In fact, it can be argued that the L2TP implementation of Tunnelr VPN is safer compared to its OpenVPN service. 


Encryption Methods

Tunnelr VPN uses an AES for its L2TP VPN connections that has a 256-bit key. This code offers an enhanced level of safety and represents the encryption framework that is favored by the best VPN services that utilize an OpenVPN. However, when it comes to its OpenVPN, Tunnelr does not use the AES. Instead, it employs Blowfish. A section of VPN users does not trust AES because it was developed for the American federal government. As such, they harbor concerns that AES may have an unknown extension that allows the Secret Service to access all encrypted messages. For this reason, Blowfish acts as a valuable alternative for individuals who may wish to avoid AES. This aspect informs the belief the Tunnelr is the best VPN for Windows 10.

Although Blowfish is okay, its functionality cannot match AES’. In this context, it is imperative to note that the main security attribute of an encryption protocol depends on the extent of its encoded key. Essentially, a longer key makes it difficult to break into a running program that attempts every possible unlock combination. For this reason, some people are convinced that a 128-bit key is long enough, and would require a significant amount to break into. Supposedly, Tunnelr VPN utilizes a 128-bit key for Blowfish in its OpenVPN framework. However, concerns have been cited in relation to the internet log files of the product. The files in question provide cautionary messages during the connection protocol that flag Tunnelr as having a key that is less than 128 bits. These messages indicate that Tunnelr VPN is using a 64-bit key. This point counters the belief that Tunnelr is the best VPN for Windows 10 because such a key is unsafe due to the fact that it offers a degree of security that is lower than other virtual private network service providers available in the market. 

Another critical aspect to note is the fact that both Blowfish and AES utilize the same code to cipher and decipher messages. This point implies that both the individual relaying the message and the one receiving it have the same key. The synchronization of cipher keys is a probable safety shortcoming because the messages that deliver the keys cannot be encrypted by the cipher. Consequently, OpenVPN employs a framework referred to as Transport Layer Security to safeguard the distribution of information encryption keys. Tunnelr VPN does not have an extra application. This point implies that it does not offer extra security measures that are characteristic in the best VPN services. The crucial features that are missing include programmed wireless connection protection and a kill switch. Again this aspect negates the belief that Tunnelr is the best VPN for Windows 10.



An area in which Tunnelr VPN can be considered to be close to matching the best VPN service providers in the market is related to its privacy policies. A slight underside of this aspect is the lack of clarity regarding the type of information that the website conserves. However, one thing that is clear is that Tunnelr does not store payment information of its users. This aspect arises from the fact that Tunnelr VPN uses a third-party company to collect payments for its subscription packages.

However, this virtual private network service provider does not make it clear whether it captures users’ IP addresses and store them as identifiers in its logs or not. If the service maintains such information, it follows that a legal request for their records can provide an opening for prosecutors to trace a client. The robustness of a company’s privacy policy is supported by the Terms of Service outlined by the Virtual Private Network provider. Since it is a legally binding commitment, firms often seek the services of a lawyer to draft it. In its Frequently Asked Questions section, Tunnelr VPN outlines a few principles in relation to its Terms of Service. Nonetheless, this declaration is both short and ambiguous which raises the question of whether Tunnelr can be considered one of the best VPN services.


Streaming Services

While testing the connection to the London host platform, I checked whether geographically-limited streaming platforms would allow me to view their content. I discovered that BBC iPlayer would not allow me to access any films. Similarly, when I connected to the US servers, I was only able to view Netflix. Access to ABC and HBO was denied implying that Tunnelr VPN is selective when it comes to the type of content-streaming services you can access. 


Other Platforms

The biggest benefit of not having a domestic application is the fact that Tunnelr can be installed on any OS. PPTP is not compatible with Mac and iOS versions after the tenth releases. Nonetheless, you can create a PPTP connection manually on all version 10 operating systems as well as set-top boxes, and routers. This aspect explains why Tunnelr is considered the best VPN for windows 10.


Closing Statement

Tunnelr VPN website possesses admirable features such as short-free trial, acceptance of PayPal payments, account anonymity, as well as no maintenance of logs. However, it lacks a kill switch, takes long to install, and has weak encryption protocols. For this reason, it cannot be considered as the best VPN service for Windows 10 users. 


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