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SwitchVPN Review

Updated_time:November 20,2018 Written by:TopVPN100  

SwitchVPN is a virtual network service organization that has its headquarters in the United States. However, the service provider has servers in 32 nations including Germany, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, among others. The firm offers uncontrolled server switching in addition to unlimited bandwidth and speed. Although SwitchVPN does not provide several server locations, the speeds can be termed as being quick. Essentially, gaining a connection to a stand-alone server locus was lightning fast. Furthermore, once the connection had been established, it was steady and dependable. The effective speeds are an outcome of the high-speed Gigabit servers that are made available to the customers of this service. In this SwitchVPN review, I will highlight how this service is an enigma to a certain extent. To put this point in context, SwitchVPN has all the attributes of the best VPN service. This point is reinforced by the aforementioned factors. However, the doubts about its suitability are quite apparent as well. Essentially, clients who want to be absolutely certain that their privacy is safeguarded and anonymity guaranteed may find this service provider incompetent in this department. Therefore, in this SwitchVPN review, I highlight the strengths and weakness of this virtual private network, to determine why it is the best VPN for Mac.


Payment Options

I will begin by highlighting the payment plans available for the SwitchVPN. In this context, it can be stated that this service extends a variety of options to users. This aspect can be termed as one of the reasons why it is the best VPN for Mac. Essentially, users can use different subscription options including PayPal, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfers, Credit Cards, as well as BitCoin. For Chinese consumers, SwitchVPN allows users to utilize payment methods such as Alipay and UnionPay.

It is important to take into account the fact that SwitchVPN provides two subscription plans that have a 30-day money-back assurance. In addition to the money-back guarantee, SwitchVPN has another notable attribute, which entails the requirement of users to liaise with the customer service team to state their problem before canceling their subscription. In case a user wants to end the service as a result of issues such as the ability to connect to the servers or the speed of the connection, the company is often open to giving remote help using software such as TeamViewer. This commitment makes this service the best VPN for Mac users. Furthermore, it should be noted that not many VPN firms want to remain in contact with their clients once they have paid for their subscriptions. This aspect reinforces the view that this company is the best VPN Service when it comes to customer service.

The first VPN package offered by this company goes for 9.95 US dollars every month. On the other hand, the 12-month package is priced at 6.65 US dollars monthly payments. A notable aspect regarding these packages is the fact that they guarantee customers similar properties and customer service options. The only difference is that you can save around 30% off the standard monthly cost if you subscribe for the annual package.


SwitchVPN Features

It has already been highlighted that whether you buy the one-month or 12-month package, this VPN service comes with similar features for both. Firstly, both plans allow users to connect to a total of five gadgets at the same time. This point implies that you can secure all your Mac devices with just one subscription. This aspect makes this company the best VPN service provider because you don’t need to get a VPN subscription plan for every package. Since all users are given the same Internet Protocol address, it makes it difficult for hackers to identify the specific source of given activity. For this reason, SwitchVPN is the best VPN for Mac users because user privacy and anonymity is significantly improved.


Ability to Work with Netflix and P-2-P Downloads

When you are relaxing at home, or even in the office, you want to catch up on your favorite shows. However, due to office policies, you may not be allowed to stream content in the office. However, SwitchVPN can help you in this regard because it works perfectly with Netflix. In fact, SwitchVPN is not limited to compatibility with Netflix alone. Instead, one can use this VPN service can allow Mac users to access other content-streaming platforms such as Hulu and BBC iPlayer. Another question that most users ask themselves is connected to whether SwitchVPN can allow them to carry out P-2-P downloads. The answer to this question is an absolute yes. 



In this SwitchVPN review, it would be inappropriate to overlook the issue of user safety when using this product. Essentially, if a virtual private network provider cannot oversee a client's privacy effectively, then they should be out of business. Another factor that qualifies SwitchVPN as one of the Best VPNs for Mac is the fact that it uses an Open Virtual Private Network protocol. Alongside the open source technology in use, SwitchVPN employs a 128-bit Blowfish technology that serves the role of encoding the client's online footprint.  Furthermore, this VPN has a collaborative technology executed over RSA-2014 and a 20148-bit static key. In this context, it should be noted that a static key that attains the higher bits in the scope of 2048, obviously offers an additional layer of client safety that is essential. This layer of extra safety to the client makes this SwitchVPN the best VPN service.


Special Measures for Chinese Clients

SwitchVPN is aware of the fact that China is one of those nations that often restrict the use of digital technologies such as VPN amenities. In response, this service provider has come up with unique strategies for its Chinese users by offering them an SSTP Virtual Private Network Protocol. The utility of this technology is not widespread compared to the OpenVPN commands. However, its value in China is significant because it can sidestep firewalls such as the ones established to police the internet in China.

If you are wondering how the SSTP VPN protocol evades firewalls, the technique is straightforward. Essentially, it utilizes the TCP port 334, which has the capacity to hide a user’s digital activities and make them appear like the standard HTTPs traffic. To achieve, this SwitchVPN has specific servers in Hong Kong, whose utility is to ensure that clients have access to the company’s services in China.



SwitchVPN has its main servers in India in the city of Mumbai. Your most likely perception of this point is the fact that this firm is subject to contradictory laws. If that’s what you think, then you are correct. In fact, the company must adhere to certain regulations that cannot be considered sensible at all. The issue of logs is where I am convinced that SwitchVPN loses credibility as the best VPN for Mac users. Basically, the company does not handle the challenge of privacy concerning end users effectively. The company defends itself by saying the requests for user data are protected by domestic regulations. For this reason, they have no option but to cooperate with the government. Although other virtual network service providers also provide end user data to the authorities, from consumers' perspectives, such requests are not their problem. Instead, all they want is their personal information and online activities secured. Therefore, citing issues such as an obligation to comply with state regulations is regarded as an excuse as opposed to a genuine justification for not protecting user data enough.  


More Challenges for SwitchVPN

For most users, the standard question that arises relates to how the company can consider itself the best VPN service if it keeps the logs of their activities and avails them to state authorities. In fact, the 2048-bit OpenVPN encryption technology that makes it the best VPN for Mac is rendered inconsequential. Of course, the issue of keeping logs is not a deal breaker for most people who use SwitchVPN. However, for clients who desire a subscription that safeguards their online data fully, SwitchVPN is a liability.

Another critical issue that SwitchVPN faces is connected to the issue of speed. Of course, there is no standard way to pinpoint how fast or slow a virtual private network is. However, by design, all virtual private networks are predisposed to slow down both your download and upload speeds. In my assessment of SwitchVPN, I noticed that some of its servers do not respond as I would have wished. For this reason, be ready to face speed issues as a result of overcrowded servers especially in areas that are served by only two or three hosts. Overall, SwitchVPN can be considered fast enough.



From this SwitchVPN review, it is evident that this service has several admirable features that justify its perception as the best VPN for Mac. For instance, the ability to connect multiple devices, flawless streaming and p-2-p downloading, relatively fast upload and download speeds, as well as a variety of server locations make SwitchVPN the best VPN service. However, it’s major Achilles heel is its privacy policy.


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