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SaferVPN Review

Updated_time:October 25,2018 Written by:TopVPN100  

SaferVPN is a private network service that provides the safe, reliable, and fast private network connection for you. It offers the best servers that are located in many countries worldwide, and you can easily switch between them without any limit. Also, it has the best protection and encryption system available to ensure that your private network is always secure from any type of hacker attacks. With the diagnostic fix tool, you can easily fix any connection problem automatically and immediately without having to spend hours upon hours to do that. It also has an IP leak prevention system with no logging policy that ensures your privacy and anonymity online.


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SaferVPN takes a solid place in the middle of the pack, as far as prices are concerned. There are great deals on annual and bi-annual plans, but a monthly subscription is going to set you back. A single month is the most expensive option at $10.99, but that’s actually a very reasonable price when compared to the majority of other providers. You can save 50% if you opt for an annual subscription, bringing the price down to just $5.49 per month. If you choose a bi-annually plan, bringing the price down to just $5.49 per month. The biggest reduction can be found on the 3-year plan, coming in at a very affordable $2.50 and saving you 77%.


Privacy and Security

With SaferVPN, you can now control and secure your personal data no matter where you are, or on which device. SaferVPN uses the following OpenVPN encryption: AES-256 for data channel cipher, RSA-2048 for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) handshake, and SHA-256 for control channel hash authentication.


Number of servers

SaferVPN has over 700 servers in 35 countries, so expect to find a fast, reliable location close to you, wherever you may be. Speed is also satisfactory, albeit nothing special — in layman terms, you won’t have problems streaming 1080p.


Number of simultaneous connections

5 simultaneous connections for complete security on all your devices.


Supported devices

SaferVPN offers custom apps for various popular devices including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. They have also partnered with FlashRouters to sell a range of pre-configured routers with the SaferVPN software already installed, allowing you to protect every device on your network without having to install multiple apps.

On the website you can also find loads of manual set-up guides for those devices without native apps such as Linux, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Additionally SaferVPN provides step-by-step instructions to manually configure your existing router to support the software.

You can use SaferVPN with various consoles and streaming devices by connecting them to a configured router or a device already running the SaferVPN app. This includes devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, PS3/4, Nintendo Wii and several others. This is where SaferVPN’s generous limit of 5 simultaneous connections comes in handy, as you can protect several of your devices at any one time.

On SaferVPN’s website you’ll find manual configuration guides for all of these devices and more, which are very straightforward to follow and contain lots of useful screenshots. In the future we’d love to see some custom apps for streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire Stick, but for now it’s easy enough to set the software up yourself.


Encryption way

SaferVPN has recently tightened up its privacy policy and introduced new features, making it much more appealing to privacy-conscious VPN users. You can set the app to auto-select the best performing protocol, however we recommend setting it to OpenVPN wherever possible as this is the most secure. Encryption is via AES-256, which is used by the US government and considered to be unbreakable.

For an extra layer of privacy, you can access Tor through SaferVPN, providing you with an double layer of encryption if you’re dealing with more sensitive information. You can also allow local network devices such as printers to bypass the VPN connection, which is very useful.


Free trial

A 24-hour free trial is available, which is nice. No credit card details are required for this.

The only information requested by SaferVPN is your email address, which they use to send you a confirmation link. This is a great way to test out the software without having to worry about applying for a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

You can also sign up to the refer-a-friend program which gives you and a friend a free month using the service if they sign up for a paid plan. Better still, there’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer.


Supporting kill switch

The Kill Switch is a feature that prevents your IP address from getting leaked in the time when your private connection is dropping out. Sometimes, when the private servers are having problems and you are unable to connect to them, you are automatically switched to the regular internet connection provided by your ISP. At this moment, your real IP address is exposed online. With the Kill Switch feature, the private connection software can prevent your IP address from being leaked by shutting down your internet connection until you can connect to the private server again. Moreover, this VPN service has a strict no logging policy, which means that it doesn’t track or monitor any activity that you do with the private network.


Refund period

SaferVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Browser extension supported

SaferVPN also offers extensions for both Chrome and Firefox. These are incredibly easy to download and add to your browser, and can be installed in a matter of seconds if you already have the main app set up on your device. They’re included in the price of the paid subscriptions, but also available to free users subject to a 500MB data cap.

It should be noted that these are not true VPN extensions but rather proxy extensions, as they do not encrypt your connection or offer the same advanced features as the desktop client. We wouldn’t recommend using them as a substitute for any of the main apps, however they are a useful bonus to have.


Ease of use

SaferVPN offers the private connection that is fast, allowing the users to do whatever they want to enjoy on the internet. They can stream any media files or download any files through the private network without having to deal with any ISP throttling procedure. The apps provided by this VPN service are available for most platforms, including routers and browser, and these apps are easy to use even for new subscribers. The fast connection speed that is provided by this service is due to the high quality servers used by the company, and the users can easily enjoy unlimited traffic and bandwidth with their private connection.


Payment method

You can pay for SaferVPN with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and more). PayPal and Bitcoin are also options, as are alternative payment methods like Neosurf and AliPay.


Online support

We liked the response times — SaferVPN’s live chat answered our easier question within several minutes. The other option, tickets, was a bit of a letdown. We expected a more comprehensive answer to our question — nevertheless, customer support here is friendly and at least tries to be as helpful as they can be.



1.Torrenting is VERY Limited

2.The “No Logging” Policy Could Be More Strict

3.SaferVPN Doesn’t Work in China

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