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The Best VPN for Kodi

Updated_time:December 06,2018 Written by:TopVPN100  

Kodi, an open source media player, has been known since 2002 and is a free media storage software for users. It is an application that supports the downloaded codecs, audio and video file formats to mobile devices and desktops. With Kodi almost any music format can be run. With videos thrown into the program, the user can create their own videos. It is possible to watch movies and series on the Internet, listen to music, and record watched movies and movies with the TV feature.

With Kodi VPN, the credentials are hidden, the contents of the best quality and the best add-ons are reached, the blocked sites are accessed and thus the high speed code experience is experienced. We have listed our suggestions for those who are wondering what the best vpn for Kodi are.


TrustZone VPN

If you are looking for a secure and secure VPN for Kodi, TrustZone is the VPN you're looking for with a fairly reasonable price. With TrustZone, you can encrypt your traffic, protect your anonymity, and access the Internet with unlimited speed and bandwidth. For the first time, TrustZone offers an excellent VPN experience and is preferred with more than 100 servers and 30 different countries.


- Compatible with Windows, Android and IOS devices.

- OpenCPN and L2TP encryption algorithm.

- It has an easy to use interface.

- Speed limit is high and offers unlimited internet traffic.

- Personal static IP address can be taken at an additional cost.

- 3 days / 1 GB with data transfer can be tested for free.


There are different tariffs for $ 1.99 per month and $ 14.85 for 3 months and $ 39.95 per year.

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It is one of the best VPN software for Kidi in the market for the code in the market to penetrate the censorship and reach the blocked sites. It allows uncensored access and online games from all over the world. It has two separate usage features for both individual and businesses and is compatible with all devices. Security at VyprVPN, which also provides DNS service, is at the upper limit.


- It has 700 servers and over 200.000 ip addresses.

- Server can be changed.

- It has a proprietary technology in providing Internet security and speed.

- Easy and quick connection with one button.

- Download and start using it immediately.

- Supports multiple encryption protocols

- Free testing period is 3 days.


VyprVPN, which costs $ 60 a year and $ 5 a month, offers $ 80 per year and $ 6.67 per month for those who want to use the Premium option. Premium use is recommended for those who need more than one connection option.

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Earth VPN

Earth VPN, which offers users good performance and good features, is highly preferred among the best VPN software for kodi. Torrent offers a high usage experience for those who frequently install P2P connections. Earth VPN, used monthly, has 190 locations in 54 countries.


- 3 simultaneous connection options

- Torrent and P2P support.

- Unlimited internet traffic and speed.

- 7-day money back guarantee and unconditional return is made.

- It also has services such as static ip, special ip mobile VPN account, 256 bit encryption, ssh tunnel and port forwarding.

- No free testing. It is sold for 1 month.


The monthly price is $ 3.99 and you need to pay $ 39.99 for annual use. The annual plan is much more economical than the monthly use.


CyberGhost VPN

One of the best VPN software for kodi in the market. Those who use the paid version see that the speed is much higher than the free version. It has a consistent speed and has been rated well in speed tests. The server change does not change the speed level and operates at the same speed in each country. Users can best rate CyberGhost VPN service for the best VPN for kodi.


- Has many servers.

- Allows you to control the traffic density on each server.

- Extremely reliable and provides a seamless and smooth connection.

- Connection speed and quality are at the top level.

- Free trial has limited bandwidth.


The 3-year payment will cost you $ 2.75 per month, the $ 2.79 per month for the 2-year payment, and the $ 4.99 per-month payment. In the case of 1 month payment, only $ 11.99 is paid.


Hide My Ass

It has 850 servers and can be considered among the best VPN options for kodi. It is good in ensuring online privacy. It has 280 positions and can be installed on all devices.


- Kodi can be recommended for those who prefer the live broadcast of content.

- Easy to install on Fire Stick and Smart TV.

- Removes location based blockings in Kodi.

- Has basic features for VPN users.


It costs $ 4.99 per month.



Although it is not liked much in terms of ad blocker and firewall, it is a free vpn and it can be preferred. Paid VPNs offerings are good in terms of free server locations, even if they are in the background based on speed and features.


- Does not store connection logs, IP addresses or visited sites.

- Built-in ad blocker and firewall.

- With 10 GB of data per month, when the service is tweeted, 5 GB saves 1 GB when recommended to a friend.

- It does not have access to all servers because it is free.


Advantages of Using VPN for Kodi

Considering that there are hundreds of VPN services on the market, the VPN selection for Kodi seems to be quite difficult in the first place. However, the most favorable VPNs are the advantages of attracting users.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to film, series, music and social media is to use the Internet with a high-speed and high-quality experience, making it much more enjoyable to hide sites, hide information, easily access to add-on content, and block sites. Fast downloading, high-resolution videos and users who want to enjoy the game without the need to save time with VPN services.

Not all VPN have the same infrastructure as security. To be protected from hackers, to connect with remote access without worry, to play the series, film or game activities to be seamless even in the selection of VPN components need to pay attention.

Components such as security, cost, design, speed and bat width should be examined well in the new VPN.

We can offer you VPN with confidence, you can make a difference by having a fast, high quality and safe internet usage experience especially with the preferred VPN in the first place.


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