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VPN Speed Test:VPN Comparison of Speed

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Each internet user needs VPN service in certain periods. The purpose of the VPN is different, but the purpose is the same. It is a secure and anonymous connection to the Internet. Globally serving VPN services provide users with good features. The most important point is the VPN speed test and speed ratios.


While many VPN services offer ambitious rates in terms of speed, it is not possible to capture these connection speeds during the usage phase. As a result of our research, we have prepared the highest speed VPN services for you.

The data received are average figures and should not be considered as a guarantee. When you purchase a VPN service, you can share your experiences with us by performing the tests yourself.

Top 5 VPN Service and Speed

CyberGhost VPN       

Even if you don't get maximum efficiency in the free version, the speed of the paid version is quite high. We found that the speed tests performed at intermittent times were at a consistent speed. Although we make a server change, it maintains the same speed in every country. 7 out of 10 users who use CyberGhost VPN service recommend this service.

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Best Speed Data:

Ping: 39 ms

Download: 26.27 Mbps

Upload: 4,31 Mbps

Price: When you make a 3-year payment, it comes at a price of $ 2.75 per month. When you make a 2-year payment, it costs $ 3.79, a cost of $ 4.99 when you make a yearly payment. When you pay only monthly, you have $ 11.99.


Vypr VPN           

Unlike other VPN services, Vypr VPN offers its own server infrastructure. It is a service that consists of servers that work only for users who are not affected by unrelated links.

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Best Speed Data:

Ping: 22 ms

Download: 27,02 Mbps

Upload: 4,63 Mbps

Price: $ 5.00 when you make a 2-year payment, $ 6.67 per month for 12-month payments, and $ 9.95 when you buy a 1-month license.


Nord VPN         

Looking at the VPN online speed test results, NordVPN can be among the top 5 services. The operation logic of most VPN services is as follows. A country is selected and the connection is established via the ideal server. You can also see the density ratios of the servers via NordVPN. In this case, you can choose the ideal server according to your purpose.

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Best Speed Data:

Ping: 22 ms

Download: 27,62 Mbps

Upload: 4,49 Mbps

Price: $ 3.99 per month if you buy 2 years, $ 6.99 per month in annual payments. You only need to pay $ 11.95 for a 1 month license.


Express VPN

The most commonly used phrases in their site are “high speed” and “maximum speed Sites. Obviously after the speed test we wanted to see a higher speed than other VPN services. But we encountered the same rate as other fast VPN services. Moreover, the ping time is transmitted 3-5 min later than the others.

Best Speed Data:

Ping: 25 ms

Download: 25.36 Mbps

Upload: 4,13 Mbps

Price: $ 6.67 per month for 15-month purchase and $ 9.99 per month for 6-month purchases. If you prefer a monthly license, you have to pay $ 12.95.



IPVanish, which made a very ambitious entry, obviously did not create any results that would surprise us in our tests.

Best Speed Data:

Ping: 38 ms

Download: 22.67 Mbps

Upload: 3,44 Mbps

Price: $ 6.49 per month price when you purchase a 1-year license, and $ 8.99 per 3-month purchase price. You only need to pay $ 10.00 per month if you want to buy.


Tools to Test VPN Service Speed

Before starting the speed test, please check whether there is an open connection or not. If there is an ongoing download, this will cause your connection speed to below.

1. Speedtest.net

Speedtest.net is an objective speed test application. After logging in to the site, simply click the GO button. It provides the speed, location, and ISP brand of the VPN service you connect to. Data can be based on ping, download and upload values. For the best VPN speed test among vehicles, the Ookla brand is our favorite. It is also the most preferred speed test application worldwide.

2. Speedtest.Xfinity.com

Speedtest.Xfinity.com, a simple VPN speed test tool, can be found on the Xfinity brand. After login to the site via VPN, you start the speed test by pressing the Start Test button. The tool will then show you the download and download speeds.

3. Fast.com

This fully automated vehicle automatically calculates and displays your link speed when you enter the site. If you click on the Show more information button, it also conveys your ping and upload speed.


Advantages of Using Fast VPN Service

- Downloads at Speed of Light

If you have a high-speed connection according to the VPN speed test results, the download will be completed in a very short time. It provides a great advantage especially for downloading large files.

- High-resolution Videos

If you're having trouble watching videos with a resolution of 2k or higher, you can watch it without freezing with a high speed VPN. When we test a high speed VPN 4k resolution with a video you can watch without freezing.

- Seamless Game Enjoyment

In some countries, internet service providers place quotas on internet speed. This negatively affects the people playing. Sometimes, the reasons for failing in the game are also shown as slow linkage, interruptions and disconnections.

- Site Opening Speed

Quick opening of sites shortens the duration of your transactions. For example, the best VPN speed test results in a VPN with the success of the process will be reduced by 50%.


What to Consider While Testing the VPN Speed

- The server location has a great effect when performing the VPN speed test.

- The connection speed of the existing internet service provider has a direct impact on the connection speed you will receive over VPN.

- The faster your existing Internet connection, the more you will get maximum performance when using the VPN service. If your internet speed is slow, this slowness will slow you down when you use the VPN service. This is because you use your existing internet speed when connecting to a VPN server and transferring data.


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