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Cheapest VPNs: VPN Comparison of Cheapest

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be considered as a virtual network connection. VPN companies are able to benefit from cheap prices by making campaigns in some periods. We have compiled the cheapest VPNs and prices you can use.

How does VPN work?

It allows the device you connect to the Internet to physically connect to a different network. The data exchange in this opened tunnel cannot be viewed from the outside and there is no access. If you are using a poor VPN service, your data is not completely secure.

The secure connection tunnel can also be applied in mobile devices. However, if your VPN service is not qualified, you can decrypt all personal, location and browser information in an instant connection.

Who is VPN? 

Businesses: Businesses prefer VPN to ensure data security. Since the data of commercial enterprises have a risk to material and non-pecuniary damage, it is more beneficial to make transactions by connecting with VPN.

Users wanting Data Privacy: Internet has beneficial aspects, as well as harmful and risky situations. The use of VPN minimizes the damage caused by a malicious site or software.

Those who want to enter banned sites: Some sites on political and country basis are blocked. Sometimes these sites can be popular sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and most visitors. In order to overcome such access barriers, the cheapest VPNs can be preferred.


Cheapest and Quality 6 VPNs


1. VPN Area (We recommend)         

Price: starting from $ 4.92. Also, if you are not satisfied, you can return it within 7 days.


- No log is kept.

- High speed and reliability.

- Netflix works integrated with the BBC and iPlayer.

- Payment options with prepaid card or crypto money are available.

- Ad blocking feature.

- Custom IP addresses are assigned.

- 24/7 live support and assistance.


- There are a limited number of server options available for Netflix. Existing servers work fine.

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2. NordVPN (We recommend)         

Fee: Plan options starting from $ 3.99. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered. However, it is very unlikely that you will not be satisfied with this VPN service.


- Supports 6 connections at the same time. This means that 6 users use it at the same time.

- Netflix access is available and supports.

- Ip hiding feature.

- Has 2 different connection finishing features. In the event of a sudden exit, the safety protection continues to operate. If you want to completely disconnect the VPN, you need to close the program.

- 5000+ servers in 61 different countries.


- You need to purchase at least 2 years to benefit from the $ 3.99 monthly plan.

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3. Earth VPN (We recommend)           

Fee: There is a monthly plan starting from $ 3.06.


- You can easily buy and use immediately.

- OpenVPN encryption technology is being used.

- You're making a pretty fast connection.

- 3 connections at the same time.

- Accepts bitcoin and anonymous payment options.

- There's no record of transactions.


- Intermittent connections may occur.

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4. TrustZone (We Recommend)           

Fee: starting from $ 2.99.


- It is shown as a favorite among cheap vpn services.

- Data recording is not kept.

- Offers advanced encryption and protocol options.

- Ip problems and virus problems are automatically blocked.

- Passes all the safety tests successfully.

- There are speed levels you will be satisfied.

- Netflix is unblocking and stable.

- Torrent can operate without limit when using.

- Offers 125 different servers in 31 countries.

- Installation, use and payment is very easy.

- After you make payment, just press the yellow button to run.

- In seconds, the VPN connection is active and the shield is green.


- It could support more devices and operating systems.

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5. Express VPN

Fee: starting from $ 6.67 a month.


- They're very assertive they don't have data records.

- They claim to be one of the fastest VPN services.

- A large number of servers are available. 94 countries, 2000+ servers.


- It has only 3 connections at the same time. It could support more connections.

- There is no transparent and detailed information about the company.


6. Strong VPN

There is a monthly fee tariff starting from $ 5.83.


- Works perfectly with Netflix.

- Fast and efficient customer service.

- It uses long and advanced AES-256 encryption technology.

- It does not record operations and no data records.

- Simple, simple and functional.


- They can make the user interface more modern.


5 Reasons to Use VPN

You can find a suitable VPN among the cheapest VPNs mentioned above. Do you wonder what advantages you will have with the VPN you will start using?

- Provide Security on Public Wi-Fi Network

Wi-fi networks in common areas are particularly dangerous areas for the capture of viruses and information. VPN will continue to protect you in these areas.

- Get Location-Based Restrictions

For example, you may need to be in the UK to use BBC iPlayer, or to have an American location to access content in the Netflix American version. In such cases, you can make your connection to VPN look like that in that country.

- Access Prohibited Sites

You may need to use sites with access barriers in your country. In such cases, you can access the site you want through a global connection. Enjoy freedom on the Internet with VPN.

- Prevent Location-Based Charges

Some websites offer exorbitant prices by looking at the location. You can pay for the price you get by going to the location that offers cheap prices instead of these prices.

- Play Games Faster

If your internet service provider reduces the speed of the game in your country, it is possible to play without losing the speed of the game.


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