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Best VPNs for Businesses: VPN Comparison of Businesses

Updated_time:December 06,2018 Written by:TopVPN100  

It is common for business today to operate their activity on the cloud with the help of various cloud applications. Not only it is easier for them to sync their data, but it is also easier for them to manage everything through the cloud, as well as apply important changes whenever they need to. Also, it is very common for businesses to have their own web application that they used to operate their business activity on a day-to-day basis. For instance, e-commerce businesses usually have their own web application to deal with online sales from customers all around the world.


However, there are still a few businesses that are aware of the security importance of their web applications. Most businesses simply hire people to create web apps without investing anything to protect them. Sure, the web apps come with the standard security protection, but it is often not enough when it comes to dealing with today’s cyber-attacks that can happen anytime. That’s why using the web application firewall is becoming more and more important for these businesses to survive the possible threats. Here are 10 top VPNs for businesses in 2018:  


No.1 CyberGhost

An easy to use VPN that allows up to 5 simultaneous connections (Learn more: CyberGhost VPN Review)

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No.2 Express VPN

A super fast VPN that is happy to quote for volume licenses. (Learn more: ExpressVPN Review)


No.3 Buffered

This VPN offers up to 5 simultaneous connections and great customer support. (Learn more: Buffered VPN Review)


No.4 PrivateVPN

An affordable VPN that also allows up to 6 connections at once.


No.5 Vypr VPN

This VPN offers great features and has two packages for businesses to pick from. (Learn more: Vypr VPN Review)

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No.6 Pure VPN

Pure VPN review showed that the service remains one of the favorite choices for business companies and it provides three different packages to all the business corporations to choose from. (Learn more: Pure VPN Review)


No.7 CactusVPN

Surf total anonymously online and easy to set up. (Learn more: CactusVPN Review)

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No.8 Nord VPN

Servers in 62 countries and enjoy the fastest VPN experience and best connectivity on any device, at any place and any time. (Learn more: Nord VPN Review)

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No.9 Safer VPN

A good choice for business because of secure, private and unrestricted Internet access. (Learn more: Safer VPN Review)

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No.10 TrustZone

Safest for businesses and prevent ISP from tracking your online activity. (Learn more: TrustZone VPN Review)

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