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​FREE VPN Service: VPN Comparison of FREE

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VPN applications store anonymous and store all of your information while surfing the Internet. This provides a more secure internet experience. It provides a physical connection to another network that is different from your current location. For example, an internet user in the United States can provide him with a VPN connection in Germany. Some VPN services are available and free of charge. We will share free VPN services with the best user experience.


VPN User Group

- Access to Banned Sites

Due to protocols in countries, access to certain sites may be prohibited in certain periods. People use VPN services because the use of banned sites restricts the freedom of internet users.

Since the VPN shows you in another location and there is no access bar at that location, you start using the site you want.

- Information Security Emphasis

Internet Service Provider known as ISP provides internet distribution by companies. If you access the internet through these companies, you will share your information with all the ISP companies that you do not want to know such as all geographic, ip, browser, operating system.

The persons who give importance to information security can access to an ISP by providing irrelevant information if they connect via VPN. This means that all information is protected by confidentiality. The person experiences an internet experience anonymously.

Advantages of Using Vpn

- The data flow that takes place when using the Internet is transmitted securely and encrypted.

- It makes it harder for malicious people and software to take over your computer.

- Prevents commercial losses by ensuring data security in corporate companies.

- You take advantage of the security protocols to the fullest.

Tip: Did you know there are more than 300 VPNs in the market? We offer you list of free VPN services.


Top 5 Free VPN Services

CyberGhost VPN          

If you need a VPN, it is possible to find all the features you are looking for in CyberGhost VPN. ISP companies are at risk of sharing all of your information with the government or hacking into hackers.

Let's take a look at the technical specifications of CyberGhost VPN. 2700 different server options, dns and ip leak protection, offers an unlimited bandwidth. The connection to up to 7 devices, the 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols will greatly delight you through the connection.

30-day free use of CyberGhost VPN, if you are not satisfied if you are returning your money. Enjoy this amazing VPN for 30 days free of charge!

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Private Internet Access  VPN

With advanced security protection, Private Internet Access features a multi-layer security technology. With 33 different countries, 53 locations and 3152 servers, this program is waiting for your orders!

Ip hide, encryption, firewall, disabled web sites, identity information protection, such as all the needs in a single program. To request a free 7-day trial, just contact the site. We don't need to say it's compatible with all devices.

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If you need a VPN application that is simple, straightforward, easy to use and keeps you safe, you can choose to use CactusVPN. We would like to say that it provides a smart DNS service as well as VPN services. It is a very useful application with 23 VPN options in 14 countries. In addition, CactusVPN OpenVPN with 6 VPN controls, L2TP / IPsec, IKEs2, SSTP, SoftEther, PPTP protocols are preferred.

You can start using the trial account with 24-hour free VPN services. If you are satisfied, you can purchase a paid plan to master more features.

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It claims to be the simplest VPN service in the world. It also promises to offer a bank-level security. It features extra features such as 256-bit encryption, automatic wi-fi security scanning, and an Emergency VPN switch.

If you wish, you can open a 24-hour free trial account, or you can request a refund if you don't like it by purchasing a 30-day plan. In the 24-hour trial period, the program will transfer the whole experience to you.

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Spotflux, another software that gives importance to privacy, helps you to use the internet in privacy. It also serves as a browser extension. The official site of the software cannot be reached. However, we can say that it has high usage rates among internet users.

According to the information available on the Internet there is no free test. After you install the software license fee is requested directly from you. As a result of the comments made, free VPN services include Spotflux, lack of server options, limited configuration, low speed at times.


Why Use a Paid VPN? 

Free VPN services usually have limited features or duration. If you prefer to always use a secure internet, you should definitely choose a paid VPN service. Please note that there are also serious security vulnerabilities in some free VPN services that are not listed.

Since the value added of free services will be low, the benefit you will receive will decrease in parallel. After you try the free services listed in the list, you can get a better quality service by choosing one of them. You can purchase these VPN services at advantageous prices with annual payments.


Things to consider when using a free VPN

When using a free VPN, you must first pay attention to speed and stability factors. If VPN is exposed to slow and continuous interruptions, it will probably not work.

Check to see if you have entered the banned sites without any problems. Because some free VPN services are not able to remove access to banned sites.

With occasional tests you can control your position over the rope. You are currently in the country and you can review which VPN shows you in different countries.

Does the VPN consistently generate a Captcha problem in the queries you make through the search engine? Or does it perform your search directly?

Free VPN services that are not affiliated to a firm can sell data from your personal information. For this reason, rather than uncertain VPN services, please choose the products offered by companies.


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