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​Best VPN Applications: VPN Comparison of Applications

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The technical expansion of the word VPN can be defined as a private network in Virtual Private Network. Although the use of Internet users may vary, the common purpose is to keep the user's personal information confidential. If you connect to the network over VPN, it is detected as if it is physically connected and the data exchange starts in privacy.


Why are VPNs Needed?

Have you ever wondered why a standard internet user needs VPN applications? These reasons consist of political or individual hesitations depending on the country. The best VPN applications are in devices with IOS, MAC and Windows operating systems as for android.


- Protection of Personal Information

Individuals connected to the internet through a normal connection allow the ISP company to record the movements of the data provided by the ISP. In this way, ISP companies with the geographic location of the person, ip address, browser, contact information, such as the user's permission to have a lot of information. Such situations sometimes involve dangerous risks. People who want to keep all this information confidential and to use the internet anonymously prefer to use VPN to protect personal information.


- Access to Prohibited Sites

In some countries, access barriers are imposed because of embargo and prohibitions. VPNs help you to access sites again by penetrating these bans on community hosting sites, such as social media platforms. For example, it allows you to reuse the site by providing a network connection over another country that does not have access barriers and prohibitions.

Now let's introduce you to the best VPN applications you can use. If you are not familiar with VPN, you can find your ideal VPN application without the need for research.


1. TrustZone          

Imagine such a VPN that allows connection from 100+ servers and 30 different countries. Yes, we are talking about the TrustZone VPN application. If ISP firms are your enemy, your weapon can be TrustZone. The general purpose of the TrustZone app allows you to browse the web anonymously. It has an easy user interface thanks to the click upload option.

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- Ensures that your ISP is unable to keep track of your transactions.

- Does not keep log data

- Has OpenCPN and L2TP encryption algorithm.

- High limit speed and unlimited traffic.

- 124 servers 30 countries can be preferred.

- Compatible with Windows, Android and IOS devices.

- You can provide personalized static IP address with extra amount.

- You can also purchase additional 3 connections for instant use on multiple devices.

Free Test:

There is. With 3 days / 1 GB of data transfer you can try TrustVPN before purchasing.


It is available for sale from $ 39.95 per year. There are also tariffs for $ 1.99 per month and $ 14.85 for 3 months.


2. VyprVPN

VyprVPN, produced by Goldenfrog, is an application that appeals to two different users. It has two separate plans for Individual and Business. Reddit, The New York Times, GIZMODO, lifehacker, such as references to the application, you can choose another option. The most important feature of the VyprVPN application is its special technology that can overcome VPN blocking. VyprVPN is one of the best VPN applications.

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- Over 200,000 IP address options are available.

- You can change as many servers as you want.

- You can get help from 7/24 technical support team.

- There is no quota or slowdown due to usage.

- Easy and fast connection option with one button.

- 3 simultaneous connections in individual plan.

- The number of connections in the premium plan is increased to 5.

Free Test:

Looking at the possibility of free testing, Goldenfrog offers a 3-day test period.


The standard plan is billed at $ 60 per year and $ 5 per month. In the Premium option, if you buy $ 80 per year, it costs $ 6.67 a month. If you need more connection options at the same time, it is better to select the Premium plan.


3.Earth VPN

Another powerful option among the best known VPN applications is EarthVPN. Especially if you are frequently connected with torrent and P2P, EarthVPN will support you with more. You can also use it on a monthly basis. With the $ 3.99 EarthVPN app is a pretty reasonable price.

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- Offers 190 different locations in 54 countries.

- There are 3 different connection options at the same time.

- P2P and Torrent support.

- It offers unlimited traffic and speed.

- Provides unconditional money back guarantee within 7 days.

- Optional services such as static ip, 256 bit encryption, port forwarding, private ip mobile VPN account, ssh tunnel.

Free Test:

Free testing is not available. It is better to experience yourself by buying 1 month.


You can pay $ 3.99 per month. You can also purchase a $ 39.99 plan as another option for annually plan. We would expect the annual plan price to be slightly lower.


4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN, with its high speed, ultra-safe and easy-to-use motto, aims to provide a fast VPN experience as the name suggests. Let's take a look at the technical specifications.


- 25 unblock the popular website. (Amazon Prime, DAZN, Gmail, etc.)

- The user's ip address is hidden.

- There are 148 different VPN locations.

- Uses a special encryption technology.

Free Test:

Free testing is not available. If you are not satisfied, a money back guarantee is provided within 1 month. While the Express application is among the best VPN applications, it is quite annoying that it does not provide a test account.


It has three different plans: $ 12.95 per month, $ 59.95 per 6 months and $ 99.95 per year.


5. NordVPN

Those who recommend NordVPN include popular people like CNET and pcmag.com editors. With a high server option such as 5087, NordVPN offers 6 devices at the same time and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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- Access from anywhere.

- Works on Android TVs.

- 支持许多操作系统和设备选项。






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