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How to make your Mac stealth on the Internet

Updated_time:October 24,2018 Written by:TopVPN100  

Everyone's words and deeds in the Internet are real names. Some netizens hope to find a way to "invisible" the Internet because of some special reasons. This article will give you relevant knowledge.

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First of all, the most important thing about anonymous Internet access is a good tool. Next, author will recommend some software based on his own experience. But I will not answer the security of these softwares, will reveal privacy, and your most important skills in the Internet. It is to learn to think and make good use of search engines.

Firfox browser: an open source browser, how to have a strong security for you, I suggest you go to the official website to download and keep up with the new.

Macltntrt: This is a Mac-specific stealth Internet software, free trial, direct search.

COMODO: The world's top SSL digital certificate issuer provides free firewall and HIPS software. Must not enter the fake official website.

Tor browser: When using the tor browser, your data will be routed through the tor network and randomly selected several nodes before leaving the Tor network. Transfer encrypted data to the next node.

What is anonymous internet access? Anonymity on the Internet is a unique feature of the Internet. A comic book by Peter Steiner in the 1993 New Yorker magazine was believed by the screen name. The title on this cartoon is: "On the Internet, no one knows you are a dog."

Although the use of anonymous Internet access in the Internet gives people greater freedom (browsing and commenting), the corresponding cost is the loss of the accuracy of the information source, and it also leads to many bad violations, such as fraud, online pornography, Infringement of copyright, etc.

Why are you anonymous?

Most websites use cookies to record your information when you visit the website. For example your browser type, your IP address, your access device. For some websites, he also records your search history to recommend ads to you. For example: if you use search fitness without special circumstances, you must have a fitness intention recently. It will read your information through cookies, and thus recommend advertisements about fitness.

At present, most websites do not use the https protocol, which causes any operation between you and the website to be transmitted in plaintext without any encryption. The information can be arbitrarily intercepted and viewed. As long as your IP address is long for them. It is no secret.

Some communication software will also use http to transfer data. The Chinese version of Skype was the data transmitted by http.

How to connect anonymously?

The following is some basic knowledge.

First, we must choose a relatively regular network access provider. Try to stay away from some of the more non-mainstream multi-broadband. These broadband hazards not only put water on the broadband, but also use reverse proxy to cache network resources to cause privacy leaks, and interested friends can search for themselves.

After choosing a good broadband operator, it is recommended to use a reliable router. The router belongs to the hardware category and is not a professional. Try to choose a good quality brand such as Cisco and NETGEAR. Please refer to the openwrt website before buying. Those routers that have rated higher vulnerabilities have not been discovered. Choose one yourself.

After the router is solved, the next step is the system. First of all, please don't use Windows XP anymore, because Microsoft does not provide security support. Which system you like depends on the user's own habits. The most mainstream systems in the Mac OS system are relatively safer than the Windows system, but there is no absolute security system.

After the installation is complete, it is recommended to enable the system default upgrade patch. I often feel that my personal computer is not interested in hackers. This is pure luck. I really don’t know what to do one day.

There are still some questions about the system that are not developed because of the limited space.

The most important thing to keep anonymous is to hide your IP. Here you may think of using a proxy. But I don't recommend using http's transparent proxy, which is equivalent to only playing the role of a Mac VPN.

At present, at least Tor, L2TP VPN, OpenVPN, SSH proxy, Shadowsocks, and macltntrt are all secure anonymous proxies. The agent software developed based on them is safe and reliable.

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